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Birthday Coaching


Book our coaches for your son’s or daughter’s birthday party to put on a fun soccer program for them and their friends at the age from 5 to 12 years.

->we will make the session at a park next to your house
-> we bring balls, goals and any other equipment
Contact Joshua if you want to get more information or book the Birthday Coaching.

Soccer for Life


The WYNRS Life Skills Programme is a programme that uses football (soccer) as a medium to teach children life skills and life values. The programme’s approach encompasses all aspects of the children’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual development. This holistic approach recognizes that all aspects of a child’s development are interdependent and of equal importance. The stages of the children’s development are also catered for and when needed, individual attention is also given. 

The Life Skills Programme is currently running in 4 schools in the South Auckland at the moment- Rongomai Primary, Dawson Road Primary, Mangere Bridge Primary and Warerlea Primary School. Through the medium of sport, which plays an integral part in New Zealand and specifically South Auckland society, the children grasp concepts, examples, teaching points and values practically and quickly (as observed by teachers).  

Please contact our WYNRS Life Skill Coach Rush de Silva if you are interested in this programme.


Principles and values taught include:

  • honesty
  • setting goals
  • being determined in everything we do
  • helping others
  • never giving up
  • being kind
  • making the right choices
  • respecting others
  • listening to others
  • following rules (for our own good)

The programme has been a huge success with the following comments recorded by children:
“ I have learnt to set goals and be determined till I achieved them.”
“I achieved something I never thought I could.”
“If I’m not honest, people won’t believe what I have to say and may not even want to be my friend.”

The following positive outcomes have been recorded by teachers and principals:
“This is programme is so effective, that these skills and values should be taught to all beginning teachers at University. If all teachers come into the schools with these tools, then these kids are more likely to succeed

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