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Wynton Rufer Soccer School of Excellence

Wynton Rufer Soccer School of Excellence

Our Programmes

We offer a number of skills based programmes from Saturday morning and school holiday programmes to invitation only academy training for young people. Whether your child is the next best talent or you just think they'd appreciate a little friendly competition, there's a programme to suit at WYNRS.

“I had a fantastic youth development thanks to Wynton & Wynrs”

— Sarpreet Singh


The invitation only academy programme is designed for young aspiring, soccer players between the ages of 6 and 12 looking to take their game to the next level. We offer a structured all year-round programme that aims at developing skills and maximising each individual’s development.


This programme offers world class coaching in a fun environment specifically designed for schools and holiday programmes. We offer children an opportunity to improve their eye-feet co-ordination, learn ball skills and work together as a team. 


Grassroots is for young players age 5 to 10 years who love soccer and want to play in a fun environment but also to learn to improve their game. We provide the building blocks for young kids to improve their ball skills, team play and co-ordination in a fun and safe environment.


Looking for a birthday party? 

We have a fun-filled programme that will keep the kids entertained, active and most important, they will have a great time!

“I would never have become a pro without the incredible help I received from Wynrs”

— Michael Fitzgerald

Saturday Kiwi Kick 

Arrival time: 8:45am
Kick off: 9:00 - 10:00am
Location: Seymour Park (Pah Road) in Royal Oak.

Pathway to Professional Football

WYNRS believe that many players just need to be given the platform to show their ability to the right people, our aim is to give players this opportunity. Through our contacts with professional clubs and with professional scouts, we can make a child’s dreams come true.

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