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Soccer for Life


The WYNRS Life Skills Programme uses football as a medium to teach children life skills and life values. The programme’s approach encompasses all aspects and stages of the children’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual development and individual attention is given where needed.


The Life Skills Programme is currently running in 4 schools in South Auckland:

  • Rongomai Primary

  • Dawson Road Primary

  • Mangere Bridge Primary

  • Warerlea Primary School.


Sport plays an important part in New Zealand schools and specifically in South Auckland society. The kids are taught soccer concepts, values, life skills and teamwork in a fun and safe environment.


Principles and values we teach include:

  • honesty

  • goal setting

  • being determined in everything we do

  • helping others

  • never giving up

  • being kind

  • making the right choices

  • respecting others

  • listening to others


The programme has been a huge success!



From the kids:

“ I have learnt to set goals and be determined till I achieve them.”

“I achieved something I never thought I could.”

“If I’m not honest, people won’t believe what I have to say and may not even want to be my friend.”

From teachers and principals:

“This programme is so effective, that these skills and values should be taught to all beginning teachers at University. If all teachers come into the schools with these tools, then these kids are more likely to succeed"

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